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Ritesh Chaudhari

Hello sir , Do you have any Video on declare foreign ESOPS in ITR2

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Hi Amalan, Any help with regards to SBI telegraphic rates . Need to fill in A3 Table of FA ? Can we use RBI reference rates Instead.

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Hello Sir,

I am filing ITR 2 and have sold foreign company stocks(ESOP) last FY. We declare those in Schedule FA. However, I am not sure where do I declare the Capital Gains from it. I do not see an option stating Capital Gain from unlisted share in schedule Capital Gain. Can you please let me know?
Gajendra Arvind

In one of the below responses it was mentioned for Unlisted and Foreign Shares under LTCG 'Gains will be treated as long-term if shares are held for more than 24 months. Tax will be levied @ 20% with indexation benefit and @10% without indexation benefit.' Does indexation benefit apply for shares he...