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Ramesh Gandhi

Hi, need assistance for filing returns with Malayasia salary worked as Onsite role from Indian based IT company.

Company paid Indian salary + Malaysian allowance in Malaysia country. Since in the last FY i been in India for more than 60 days, the Indian salary amount alone projected for Tax and deduc...

Hi Amlan,
First of all thank you very much for creating this platform and making knowledge free.

I'm here to get my query solved regarding NRI tax returns.
I'm a former employee of IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited (ITNL) engaged for work in Ethiopia (Africa), I have joined in Ethiopia on 02-Jan-20...
Indranil Ghosh

Hi Amlan,

I have moved to UK on 22nd Oct 2018 to work for a UK company. Hence I will be a tax resident of India for this financial year. My UK company deducts income tax as per UK laws. For April '18 - Sep '18 I have worked in India where my company deducted tax at source. Can you please help me on ...

Hello Amlan,

I have a case, where I have received Notice of demand Under Section 156 of Income Tax. & want me pay sum of Rs. 17,76,570/-

I am NRI and has deposited around Rs. 20 Lac in AY 2011-12 in cash to my account & some Stock purchase & sell of Rs 5.8 Lac.

The cash Deposition 20 Lac has Break u...