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Parag Bhargava

Hello Amlan... thanks for a great informative video on DTAA..!!
I have a question: What if, foreign income is not brought/sent to India?

I earned in India from Apr to Nov 2019 and then in Canada from Dec 2019 onwards. I moved to canada permanently and have not sent any canadian earnings to India.


Sir i hope u r doing well and safe.! I have query related to form 67. 1) I has filled ITR for FY 2018-19 but i forgot to fill up Form 67 and ITR already transfer to AO. Can i file form 67 now online or offline? 2) when file ITR to calculate MALASIAN SALARY income then i has been NOT use TTBR rate ...

My friend received a salary from Mexico. Which amount is considered for as taxable in India Gross Salary or Net salary which is credited in the bank after deduction from Mexico? Also, can he claim HRA deduction and other deduction which is normally available from salary in India?

Hi Amlam....I am loving your videos. Can you share a video if you have done on Form 15CA / 15 CB. I recently immigrated to overseas and want to transfer my savings to overseas. How is form 15CA required.