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Ramesh Gandhi

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Hi, need assistance for filing returns with Malayasia salary worked as Onsite role from Indian based IT company.

Company paid Indian salary + Malaysian allowance in Malaysia country. Since in the last FY i been in India for more than 60 days, the Indian salary amount alone projected for Tax and deduc...
arun kumar

Can we claim DTAA tax relief without taking tax residency certificate or not?


i moved out of india on 8 oct 2018. I am getting 95% salary in sweden but 5% in india for the name of social benefit(PF). On salary slip it is 100% but mentioned 95+5 in india. Now my employer has shown 100% in sweden in form 16 type form - KU10 as total income is taxable in sweden and also ...

Category : DTAA ( T..,
I was in India until November 2016 which means I was there for more than 182 days.

I moved to US for the remaining year. Now in my W2 statement. I had the below components:

Total Income = a
Federal Income Tax = b
Social Security Tax = c
Medicare Tax = d
State tax = e
I received the amount in my ba...