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arun kumar

Can we claim DTAA tax relief without taking tax residency certificate or not?


i moved out of india on 8 oct 2018. I am getting 95% salary in sweden but 5% in india for the name of social benefit(PF). On salary slip it is 100% but mentioned 95+5 in india. Now my employer has shown 100% in sweden in form 16 type form - KU10 as total income is taxable in sweden and also 5%...

I was in India until November 2016 which means I was there for more than 182 days.

I moved to US for the remaining year. Now in my W2 statement. I had the below components:

Total Income = a
Federal Income Tax = b
Social Security Tax = c
Medicare Tax = d
State tax = e
I received the amount in my bank...

hi Amlan,great site and thanks for being a great guide.

My question is on DTAA, section 90 and 91.. i understand that i can claim tax credit of US federal tax credit under section 90

but what about state taxes in US - which can be significant ... can we take tax credit for that when u file global i...