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My brother who is an NRI wants to transfer money (INR 5 Lac) from his savings A/C in Indian bank to his NRI friend's savings A/C in Indian bank through electronic transfer mode but as his mobile number registered with the bank is not working anymore, he is not able to add his friend as a beneficiary...

Hello Amlan,

I have to Start at Business for that I received 10 Lac cash from My Mother (Senior Citizen + Tax Payer) in this FY year in July which I deposited to My Bank Saving Account. Now after talking to one of my friend I Came to know for such GIFT from Parent also there are some rules from Incom...

Hello Sir,

If i (a salaried employee) have lent out money with an agreement to someone and there is a default - can i set off this loss due to default on my salary or other income?


Sir, Can you please clarify if these both can be considered 'relatives' as per income tax act and does the property transfer between them qualify as 'non taxable'.

Ajay and Ajith are blood brothers. Ajith's wife is Anjali. Ajith passed away 5 years back.

Now if there is a transfer of property between ...