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Hello Amlan, I have a query,as you are aware there are some changes from September 1st, 2019 including insurance policy also.i have 2 LIC policies of Rs 50000 and Rs 1 lac respectively opened in 1991 (both) for 31 and 35 years resp. I am paying premium yearly for one policy is rs 1550/- and other po...
Hema Latha

Is interest from PPF Account need to be reported in ITR 1, as exempted income?

Hello Sir,

What will be deduction in ITR for PSU retired employee on Leave encasement earned. PSU employees falls under which category Government employee or Non-Government Employee?

Deepak Jaiswal
Gurjaint singh

Dear sir
My father was expire in a road accident on dated 13/09/2000
My MACT case was pending in punjab& haryana high court since 18 years
High court give his final decision on dated 08/08/2018 and order the new india insurance company give compensation 715200
And paid interest 9% annum 18 years Rs 1158...