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Hello Amlan,

One more question i had about NPS. I see that there is lot of confusion on taxation of NPS Tier 2 account. Could you please explain what will be the tax treatment on earnings from of NPS Tier 2?


Hello Amlan,

Thanks a lot for taking this initiative to educate the people in need, that too for free.
I have a question about VPF.
I understand that PF withdrawal is tax exempted after 5 years and VPF is the voluntary contribution by the employee, over and above the statutory limits of PF contributio...

if i use pension tab in itr1 for fillig family pension,,Can i get notice from IT department???
Moulik Reddy

Hello Amlan,
Firstly thanks for sharing knowledge on this platform as well you-tube.

Q.1 My brother doing PhD & he earns stipend Rs 4,00,000 per yearly.
(a). Is this stipend is taxable or not ??
(b). If so, which ITR should he file ? ITR -2 ??
(c). where he need to enter t...