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Hello sir, if one reinvest the interest received from fixed deposit again and again, will the interest received be shown in other source of income?

Sir, I have a FD on bank from which I will get a interest of 9000. Since interest is below 10000, I have submitted online Form 10G in bank account.but my annual income is above 5lakh. Am l eligible to submit FORM 10G ,if not what should I do as I have already filled FORM 10G online in my SBI bank...
santosh kumar Sahoo

Dear sir, i have a fixed deposit interest income of 16600 which i have mentioned in income from other sources. bank has deducted 1660 as TDS. this is also showing in my 26 AS , and i mentioned this in sch TDS 2 also.but I dont want to claim 1660 as my total income exceeds 9 lacs. and i have already...

I have 5yrs tax saver fixed deposit in bank and every year accured interest is earned on it. As the accrued interest is less than 10,000/- TDS is not deducted by bank. Pls. Confirm whether i have to declare accrued interest under head 'income from other sources' and pay tax accordingly or i can pay...