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Mahendrakumar Kolhe

Dear Amlan,

I have below capital gain statement for Mutual fund. I want to know do we need to show this capital gain in ITR2 AY 2018-19. But Gain till 31st Jan 2018 has been grandfathered. can you please explain how this can be tackled?

Thanks in advance. #Makeknowledgefree
M S Banerjee

I have some mutual fund (equity funds and debt fund) investments in the form of sip(monthly) in F.Y. 2017-18.My question is which itr form I have to submit and where it will be shown?Please help.
Hema Latha

Hi Amlan Ji,

Can you please make a video on How to add income from the redemption of Mutual fund units. For this can we use ITR-1?

Suppose I have redeemed an amount of Rs. 120000/-,which I invested in mutual funds through SIP, which gave me an amount of Rs. 190000/-. That is I got Rs. 70000/- as incom...