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Sir,My mother purchased a new home last year and for a half year I was paying rent to her under old home and I started paying rent on the new property. She has income from 2 house property.I have 2 questions- Should she file ITR1 or ITR2? As she has income from 2 house property.- She sold her old ho...
Mahendrakumar Kolhe

Hi Amlan Sir,

I have earned rs 65288 from long term capital gain in FY 2018-19 due to the sale of equity shares. purchase price - 196505 sale price 262523. as of 1st Jan 2018 fair market value of those securities - 357156

When I am filling ITR2 schedule CG. it does not give me the benefit of non-t...
Deepjit Nandi

Sir, which date should be the date of acquisition of house property ? Date of deed agreement or date of registration ?

Sir my mother has received land compensation approx 2000000 from acquisition of land in Haryana but they have also deducted income 200000. Is it a exempt income and how can I fill this ITR??