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Sandeep Roy

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Hi Amlan,

I am an NRI and I would like to know about my tax liability from short-term capital gains from sale of equity shares. I have a short-term capital gain of Rs. 60000. My broker deducted Rs. 9000 as TDS (26AS). I have no other income. While calculating tax on ITR 2 form it shows I have to pay...
Samir Mehta

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  • Hi Amlan, first let me thank you for your valuable feed back, thanks. I have few more queries related to ITR filing, please find below;
    1.I assume ITR filing date has been extended to August 31st, is it for ITR-2 filing
    2.Which ITR form to use for a student studing in USA, left on August 9th 2018 - to...
    Sudam  Maharana

    Dear Amlan ji, I hv little confusion in calculating income tax, hope u wl clarify.
    This AY I hv received my last year salary arrears and I m also eligible for 80GG deduction. Below r d salary details.
    Gross total salary including arrears - 689105
    Arrears - 39227
    NPS own-47055
    Tushar Radhesham Kandalka

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    I was working with a private company in year 2014 to 2017,
    during this period following amount was credited in my EPF

    Employee Contribution :50,968 +4699(Interest)=55,667
    Employer Contribution :15583 +1436(Interest)=17019
    Pension Contribution : 18010

    In April 2018 I applied for Withdrawal for both ...