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Arnab Datta

I have received a communication from CPC for salary mismatch for AY 17-18. And within 1 month.... I have not responded through E-proceeding tab in income tax e-filling website. The mismatch was for Medical Reimbursement Rs 15000 . Now I have to fill the revised return showing my medical reimbursemen...
Arnab Datta

Refer my form 16, where employer has exempted U/s 17 the Medical Reimbursement (This amount is- the medical bills I have submitted to employer.). Where I will put this Rs 3318 in the ITR 2 'Schedule S'. Refer my Schedule S- details of salary also which is enclosed with this question, which I have fi...
Ramesh Kumar

Hi Amlan,
I have vested share of Amazon in USA and I work in Amazon India. My share are managed by Morgan Stanley. I want to know, how can I declare my share (say 10 Lacs) in Schedule -FA of ITR-2?
Ramesh Kumar

How do I mention following thing in ITR-2 of excel utility?
1. Exempt Income of interest for saving account below 1000
2. Dividend of Rs 5000
3. Rs 9963 of interest earned(in 17-18) from tax saver deposit started in 2012