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harry potter

Amlan sir... plzzzhow to a fill for ITR 6.. plz reply

is it necessary to file Form aoc-4 and mgt-7 in case of dormant companies or filing msc-3 is sufficient????
Navsheel Sharma

whether bad debts which have been claimed by a company in its p & l will be taxable as deemed business income in the hands of its successor company (after amalgamation) if it is recovered by the successor company??? related sections 36(1)(vii),41(1) and 41(4) of Income Tax 1961
Bhanupratap Gudu

I have Private Limited Co. in which we have two directors. Now if i want to appoint two more directors then which type of directors category i can appoint?
I mean to be appointed directors as an additional or regular?
Resolution should be passed at BM or EGM?
What is the complete procedure for appointi...