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1] I have submitted ITR form but I have to pay tax. Where can I pay post submission of ITR form? I checked with CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280 but that does not allow me to consider payment for FY2018-19. is this correct url for individ...
Ritesh Chaudhari

Hello Sir,
My brother's company have not considered proper income for Tax calculation.
After corrected income he need to pay 30000 Tax .
As per my understanding, he need to pay tax amount as either Advance tax ( Before 31 march) or self-assessment tax(After 1 Apr).
Will, Income tax department apply Inte...

This year my other income is coming around 100000 in various Bank FD and RDs and NSC (45000 in interest) Do I have to pay advance tax even though I am salaried because I have not declared them to my employer.? How do I pay advance tax?

Hi Sir,

how to submit copy of challan to assessing officer, means any address or online?