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  • 80 C Deduction- Life insurance premium, deferred annuity,.contributions to providend fund, etc
Dear Amlan -how r u doing? i have a query. my march 2020 ppf was given to me on 30.07.2020. the ppf amount is rs 10000/- can i add this amount in new schedule DI - please advise.FYI from april 19 to feb 20 the ppf amount of rs 10000 x 11=110000 was given but due to lockdown in march offices were clo...

  • TDS Credit
Dear amlan, a friend's wife tds for ay 2019-20 was deducted from april 18 to june 18 and it is reflecting in 26AS.(for FD).my friend did not remember to provide the bank with 15g from and therefore the tds was the bank says to submit 15g to avoid tds deductions for the upcoming quarters...

Dear Amlan, Thanks for all the information and guidance you have provided to everyone
over the years, I have been following your guides from past few years and I
have gone from having zero knowledge in all this to being able to do
Income tax for myself and all my colleagues who needed help and the...

  • Income tax
dear amlan. this is are you , i have a individual senior citizen source of income through fd's, scss , bank interest is calculated and accordingly the tax comes to around rs 80000/- (no advance tax is paid ) can we pay this huge amount as self assessment tax before filing for ...